Inch and correct answers

Check your answers; only change an answer for a really good reason. After you read the scenario, come up with the answer in your head before taking a look at the answers supplied by the exam.

Inch and correct answers

Take, for example, length. The base unit for length is the meter. However, we could put a larger prefix, like kilo, in front of it: Now, it means meters, because kilo means We could also put a smaller prefix on it, such as centimeter cm.

You also might notice that all of the metric prefixes are multiples of 10 1, 10, etc.

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This makes converting from one to the other far easier than English measures, because you are always multiplying or dividing by 10; remember, multiplying and dividing by 10 simply involves moving the decimal. English to English Conversions Most often, if you live in the US, you will be performing English to English conversions between measurements.

Inch and correct answers

Converting involves multiplying or dividing by a conversion factor, most of which are listed above. When you are going from smaller units to larger units, you would divide, and when you are going from larger to smaller units, you multiply. For example, if you wanted to convert days to hours, you would first stop and think: A day is larger, so you would think, how would one convert from larger to smaller units?

Well, as we said, larger to smaller units is when you multiply, so you would multiply by the conversion factor, which is 24 since there are 24 hours in 1 day.

The actual problem would look like this: Convert 3 days to hours.

Converting back would look like the opposite. Convert 72 hours to days. Convert 3 yards into feet. Find the conversion factor—3 feet in 1 yard. You can set it up like this: Thus, our final answer is 9 feet. When using conversions, you have to make sure that you are converting to another unit within the same area.

For example, so far we have converted units of time days to hours, and vice versa and then we converted units of distance yards to feetand this is normal.

There is no way, however, to convert from days to yards, or from pounds to degrees Fahrenheit, and so on.

If you start with distance, you must end with distance; if you start with time, you must end with time, and so on. Here are a few problems for you to try. Convert 4 lbs into ounces.An online ASE A4 Practice Test.

Inch and correct answers

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An Overview of the General Procedure In every affair, consider what precedes and follows, and then undertake it. Epictetus (c. c. ) Greek Philosopher You will see many different types of unit conversions in this chapter, but they can all be worked using the same general procedure.

How to convert Pixel to cm or inch (i want to know 1 pixel equal = ?? mm or = ?? cm = ?? inch)

Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online. Easily share your publications and get them in front of Issuu’s. Oct 16,  · Writing: The proper way to say feet and inches.?

I am a writer. I am currently writing a story. Best Answer: The best thing to say would be "He stood five feet, four inches tall." 5'4" is short hand and it annoys readers because they would have to focus on understanding the meaning of 5'4", it just doesn't go with the flow you Status: Resolved.

You are most likely thinking of the rule from our Hyphens with Numbers blog, which states, “When you’re combining two or more words to form a compound adjective in front of a noun, put hyphens between these words.

When numbers are used as nouns, don’t use a hyphen.” Examples: An inch monitor is too big for my desk. Related Answers.

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