A visit to temple in chicago

Salt Lake City Attractions: This page provides detailed information for visiting Temple Square and the many attractions offered on site. Come visit the wonderful attractions on the thirty five acres of Temple Square located in downtown Salt Lake City.

A visit to temple in chicago

While it's not fair to compare one tragic shooting to another, the public reaction to the shooting at the gurdwara in Wisconsin has been notably different from that of the shooting at the theater in Colorado.

Barack Obama flew to Colorado to visit with victims of the Aurora shooting days after gunman James Holmes killed 12 and injured 58 moviegoers.

However, it's been nearly three weeks since the Oak Creek shooting on Aug. The media treated the shootings differently, too— CNN was the only network to send a news team to Wisconsin.

A visit to temple in chicago

The president of the Sikh temple Satwant Singh Kaleka was killed in the attack while he tried to defend the congregation with a butter knife, allowing time for others to hide from the gunman. His son Amardeep Kaleka penned a column for CNN pointing out the tragedy in Oak Creek brings up questions of gun laws, free speech and the treatment of immigrants.

He says that while the First Lady's visit is welcome, Kaleka says "she is not an elected official who is responsible for national policies that are at the core of this problem. In fact, both candidates were in the vicinity this weekend and failed to appear.

As a result, the massacre in Oak Creek is treated as a tragedy for Sikhs in America rather than a tragedy for all Americans. Unlike Aurora, which prompted nationwide mourning, Oak Creek has had such a limited impact that a number of people walking by the New York City vigil for the dead on Wednesday were confused, some never having heard of the killings in the first place.

President Obama, you flew to Aurora, Colorado, to mourn publicly with the families before the dead were buried. You hugged your daughters closer that night, imagining them in that theater.

First Lady Michelle Obama is scheduled to visit privately today with victims of the Sikh temple shooting and their family members in Oak Creek, Wis., weeks after gunman Wade Page opened fire on. The CityPASS was the perfect way to plan our stay in Chicago. I was able to show my daughter my favorite places in Chicago, and a few others as well. The CityPASS provided a better price, and skipping to the front of the line was like icing on the cake!/5(K). When traveling in India, I had the opportunity to visit a lively Sikh temple in New Delhi. It was a completely new and amazing experience. Sikhism is a monotheistic religion founded in India’s Punjab region and based on the teachings of Guru Nanak and his successors.

In response to the massacre of Sikhs in Oak Creek, you and Mitt Romney issued statements of support, but did not suspend campaigning in Wisconsin, as you did in Colorado. I believe you can help the nation feel our pain.

You can show this tragedy is an American tragedy, because none of us should have to fear gunfire in their own churches, synagogues and mosques. If Trayvon Martin could have been your son, and the kids in the Aurora theater your daughters, then the aunts and uncles shot while praying on that Sunday could have also been your own.

Amardeep Kaleka writes, "It seems many hard-earned lessons from this tragedy already have been forgotten. But they bear repeating and remembering. Injustice anywhere is an injustice everywhere. This attack was predicated on hate.THE BEST JOURNEY IS THE ONE BACK TO SELF.

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A visit to temple in chicago

The Vivekananda Vedanta Society of Chicago, established in , is dedicated to bringing home the eternal message of Vedanta to humanity without discriminating about caste, culture, gender, language, nationality, or religion.

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